Musical Crush #5: We Need To Talk About Kevin!

Isn’t it just THE BEST when you demand to know the erection-inducing track your DJ fave has just dropped, and fail in your train-spotting mission, only to have said track reveal itself serendipitously the week after when you’re in need of some serious musical nourishment?”

This inspired me to do some ridiculous peacock-type sideways dance at LEAF on Saturday 7th March when Anja Schneider dropped it with a typical cheeky smile on her face; and whilst my lame attempts to find out its name failed miserably (hiding behind speaker before giving up and swapping a ‘whatsthiscalled?!’ for a lame thumbs up, we can now ALL be enlightened about its brilliance…

So it’s with GREAT delight that we can now reveal the track that caused Clare to tune-spot and basically out herself unsuccessfullly on Tobacco Dock stage (displaying a desperate curiousity we are both proudly guilty of – without it, the likes of Fango & Good Guy Mikesh could’ve slipped under the radar), was in fact…



Nothing makes us feel so positively ancient (speak for yourself Clare..) than seeing young Kevin was born in bloody 1991! The techno smarty pants has been Djing since he was 14 and as a producer dropped cuts on the gloriously named Rabies Records, Audio Safari and a maiden EP on Noir back in 2012.

However like some of the finest wines, the best artists are those who linger a little longer in the shadows, their taste and style developing until they’re ready to really let rip with their best stuff … enter 2015’s ‘Retrovision’ EP on Noir.

The title track is the sort of bomb that even through shitty headphones (we’re still mourning the death of Clare’s Sennheisers), causes you to whip up a storm in Starbucks, have you seat-dancing in your office, and transports you to a gloriously dark heads-down hands-up basement rave; this is the sort of masterpiece that makes you pull ’that face’ with each delicious build up, each jabbing piano key raising your BPM, only slowed by the occasional off-beat chord and a sparse gravelly vocal.

The track is now sitting cosy at #20 in Beatport Tech House charts but let’s hope it climbs higher like it deserves to eh! If he continues this inspiring vein of form, we’ll definitely be talking about you more, Kevin! (Lydia & Clare)

Kevin Over_04.1

Keep up with Kevin’s face-scratching cuts over at….



And you can buy the EP (also featuring Marc DePulse & Frag Maddin) here:

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