The brilliant, frustrating, yet ultimately magical aspect of Ibiza is its two halves; the zen and the hedonistic cray cray. People go mad trying to balance them. Or don’t even bother, eschewing the ying and yang for transcendence or a total trash fest.

I am the product of hippy, Ayurveda-embracing parents who never fed me a single meat product in my life, while still embracing a Steve Urkel-like geekism for electronic music from my late teens onwards and an ‘unleash the beast’ appetite for fun that hasn’t tempered with age. Ibiza just makes sense to me.

That said, finding The Balance has remained the eternal struggle. Every time I’m having a divine moment of clarity on a yoga mat, it’s always been preceded by a lengthy dancefloor indulgence, followed by some sort of ‘what-am-I-doing-with-my-life existential crises’, that’s finally balanced out by some downward dogs, with a side of chanting. Phew, balance regained!

In May the two worlds were united for one inspiring day at the Healing Ibiza event.


The two-day event showcased a variety of different healing and wellness practioners, set among the sumptuous surrounds of the Atzaro Hotel in Ibiza. After what had been a rather indulgent-heavy start to my Ibiza season, I was genuinely looking forward to a day of wholesome good behavior and getting my head in check before a hectic week of work ahead.

Our friend Trish Whelan, was programming the music for the day and had spent months preparing the line-up. Trish is genuine hero of mine, a guru and an inspiration. A stalwart of the music industry, she’s worked with everyone from U2 to Nellee Hooper and indirectly gave me my big break in London while heading up The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music, hooking me up with Strummerville’s then-publicist Kim Booth from Rebel Butterfly, the company I still work for today.

As much as music runs through her veins, like me (to be fair, far more than me), she has a deeply cosmic side to her and relocated to Ibiza at the beginning of last season to focus on teaching Kundalini Yoga and being a reiki practioner. When work has gotten too stressful, or the partying a little too intense, Trish has been a cosmic leveler, a wise sage and ultimately an invaluable friend.

kamari project

On the day of Healing Ibiza I came for the yoga, but ultimately stayed to support Trish. She had spoken exultantly of The Kamari Project, an act that combined Sanskrit mantra with electronic beats, headed by producer Kamari and his partner Manvir, a vocalist and trained instrumentalist, who were closing the day’s events

High on downward dogs and with a golden sunset settling over the stage, we settled on stools to watch them lay down chord-driven house (think Djuama Soundystem’s ‘Les Djinns’ and Booka Shade’s ‘In White Rooms’), that moved into classic ‘90s dance of the ilk of DJ Rolando’s ‘Knights of the Jaguar’, all while Manvir’s delicate chants filled the air. We didn’t stay static for long. In fact, it was the first moment of dancefloor clarify of the season as Trish and our dear friend Leah and I were dancing as if on invisible pogosticks, our arms hoisted skywards. And blissfully there wasn’t a 20EUR vodka in sight or gaggle of bodies crammed inside a seedy toilet cubicle. We’d been gifted a true Ibiza musical moment and the calendar had barely even clocked over into May. And what’s more the two normally disparate worlds of yoga and music had been combined and the union couldn’t have been sweeter. (Clare)

Listen to a mini-set from the Kamari Project’s performance at Healing Ibiza:

Find out more information on The Kamari Project:

Learn more about Trish Whelan’s Kundalini Yoga and Reiki retreats:

Read White Ibiza’s interview with Trish:

destino final invitation

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