Musical Crush #3: Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants


Well, it’s been a while since our last post…  Christmas and January are always a bit strange for music, and to be honest we’ve been too busy devouring our veggie Christmas dinners (REPRESENT), travelling Australia (annoyingly not at the same time) and enjoying all the leftovers from 2013 – from past mixes and tracks that slipped by the first time round, to every end of year Top List we could possibly trawl through, to even those pesky toffee penny Quality Streets everyone leaves festering in the tub until last…

So, it really takes a certain calibre of track to, quite frankly, get you beating off to music again. And we’re happy to announce that Ten Walls’ ‘Walking With Elephants’ is it!

Ever since inadvertently ‘outing’ him across the internet with our piece ‘Come Out of the Closet, Mario Basanov!’ we’ve had Basanov and his Ten Walls moniker on constant repeat. The Lithuanian gem has provided us with some of the best music of the last year. Plenty of men disappointed us in 2013 one way or another but Ten Walls continues to satisfy us every time…

Catapulting us right back into that heady state and giving us the back-shivers and goose bumps that only a flawless track like this can provide, Ten Walls continues to blow us away. With a crescendo that creeps up on you throughout and trumpets juxtaposed with those gorgeous electronic strings, Ten Walls undoubtedly remains a crucial ingredient in electronic music. The stunning melancholic elements reminiscent of Jean Michel Jarre are what truly make this track worthy of our First Musical Crush of 2014. Keep an eye out for a release date; Basanov please don’t leave us hanging too long! (Lydia)

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