Forget Basanov and his Ten Walls, this year’s most enigmatic breakthrough artist is Fango (AKA Nicola Zanetti). Championed by the likes of Mano Le Tough and Michael Mayer, the latter recently describing him as the most insane Italian since Berlusconi, remarkably, the artist has just seven followers on RA (two of them being us) and when we approached him for an interview earlier this week responded with ‘Sorry but I have a problem, I can’t grant interviews… This order comes straight from the top. Sorry!’

Ooh a dark horse, we like him even more! Fango means ‘mud’ in Italian- specifically a type used to treat gout and rheumatism. His music may not be medicinal, but it definitely has magical qualities. However, his persona is still clear as mud.

It’s Le Tough we have to thank for enlightening us on this secretive Italian, dropping his brain-melting ‘Caballos’ at Loop in Newcastle, UK, on November 1st. It was one of those moments where we both looked sideways at each other and questioned whether or not it was really happening, dumbstruck by the ferocity of his intricate drum patterns.

This beast of a track takes us straight to dusty Turkish plains, and the image of a young boy, clutching the underbelly of a speeding Orient Express, the infectious drumming echoing the wheels on the tracks while the high-pitched yelps conjure images of the boy clinging on for dear life as the train hurtles towards its final destination. No surprise to find Fango is a drummer by trade – this is pure percussive genius!

Ever since, we haven’t been able to get enough of Fango’sbrilliant mind-scrambling productions, especially ‘N1’ (Despejado Mix) and ‘Wek’ his third release with the Peruvian Degustibus imprint, and a remix of Kölsch feat.Troels Abrahamsen ‘All That Matters’ that was released on Kompakt just last month.

Just as his evocative tracks cause our minds to roam and conjure up such intense (and let’s face it, ridiculous) scenes, now we drift through thoughts of who Fango really is. What does he look like? How did he end up making the switch from drumming to dance music? Why has the Italian emerged on a Peruvian label no less? He might as well be getting PR tips from Burial!

Alas, we’ve had to resign ourselves to imagining the answers while he remains as elusive and distant as a partner you confess your love to when they’re not ready to say it back. It’s time to stop playing in the mud Fango – we crave some clarity and there’s no doubt your music’s stellar reputation precedes you. (Lydia & Clare)

Check out his sounds on Soundcloud here

Buy his magic on Beatport here 


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