Musical Crush #2: Good Guy Mikesh feat. Filburt – Place Of Love (MP Edit) [Ellum Audio]

Good Guy Mikesh Place of Love

We’ve lost our shit to this so many times, superlatives have basically become redundant. Although only released on Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio last week, this pearl by Leipzig’s Good Guy Mikesh and Filburt has been giving us grins the size of watermelons since August when it first popped up in Maceo’s week 9 ENTER set thanks to a tidy edit from the man himself – although Lydia is quick to point out I was alarmingly blasé when she first played the recording of his set back to me, while her delight is undisputed (see picture below – Lydia captured having a moment of musical clarity to the track in question).

Lydia Beating off to Maceo Plex Ibiza

Since learning of its title when it featured on his recent Mixmag cover mount CD, those smiles have been turned into nostalgic weeps remembering the moment it all knocked us for a collective six at Amnesia’s closing party (and inspired a sit down in the process, no less).

Indeed, the combination of tension building synth lines running alongside beautiful strings that drop into a piano break so moving you’d be forgiven for thinking Thom Yorke had a hand it, lobs this record straight into classic territory. (Clare)

Buy it here on Beatport.

Buy the vinyl here on Juno (MP edit only, no original).

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