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Wait, wait, wait… I can explain. Not THAT closet…

I first came across Mario Basanov when I saw he was supporting Tale Of US at Mint Club in Leeds. To be honest, I recognised the name, but with my head so heavily embedded in the dark yet hedonistic clouds of melodic melancholic techno, my heart belonging to Tale Of Us and Dixon, and labels like Life and Death and Innervisions at the moment, I assumed I must have bypassed him when I switched from house over to the dark side at some point this summer.

Then in a conversation with a friend over who he could book for his club in the coming months, I chimed in with ‘what about Ten Walls?’ After then suggesting Basanov purely as he was on my mind, he revealed to me, that they were, in fact… the SAME PERSON.

Basanov Press Shot

Then, imagine my excitement when I got the almost-chance to interview him for Pulse Radio before he played at Mint. Perfect opportunity to find out all the answers I was dying to know; what was the genesis of the project and how did he split himself creatively between his Basanov work and releases under the Ten Walls pseudonym?

Disappointingly, he pulled out of the interview, refusing to answer any questions about his alter ego OR himself, leaving me empty and frustrated. It was like I’d been given the key to the wardrobe in Narnia but the locks were changed the day before.

So Basanov, I ask you – why keep this so quiet?! I’ve spent the summer raving, face-scratching, screaming, and having countless moments of dancefloor clarity to Ten Walls’ tunes which have been hugely supported by music monsters such as Maceo Plex and Tale Of US themselves. ‘Gotham’ was arguably one of this season’s biggest tunes and even just hearing the chords of ‘Requiem’ makes me giddy and takes me right back to Ibiza. Memories of hearing these tracks on the Space Terrace remain in my mind like that old flame I took for granted and never realised I had until it was gone. Why, if you were responsible for such moments of epic melodic beauty almost worthy of ‘epic musical score’ title (check out Mongol, the second track on Ten Walls’ new EP out on Life and Death just below), would you keep this so firmly locked away?!

That being said, I hadn’t checked out the Lithuanian’s original sounds (his origin itself is an interesting fact – we’re struggling to think of ANY notable artists who’ve come from that part of the Baltics); it was definitely time to school myself and get digging – and Mario, the dark horse, has been responsible for some genuinely eargasmic moments, most notably a mix from July this year I simply cannot stop listening to!

This mix is genuinely one of the most gorgeous sets I’ve heard to date – he travels through genres like I travel through emotions listening to it. It’s perfect to listen to right at the end of an after party when it’s time to resign. Look out for 30 mins in when you won’t know where to put yourself because it’s just SO GOOD. This track (drumroll please) is ‘Transformation Aineli’ by Molisans Brothers, something that Maceo has rinsed all season but despite being a year old is tough as hell to shazam (we kept getting some underwhelming thing on Toolroom repeatedly until finally we struck gold) as the track itself is over 15 mins long and the part used in the mix is just past five minutes in, although it is worth listening to the whole thing. You’re welcome!

So, Mario, I beg of you. Open the closet! Let your alter ego, your second self, your other half, whatever, out into the open. And I promise you, with all the support you’ve already received and the huge appreciation you’re about to; you’ll feel better for it. (Lydia)

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